About me

Gerdi Beks makes paintings and chalk drawings on board. The figures in her paintings, often houses, act as a catalyser of atmosphere and emotion.

Beks uses the theme of housing as a metaphor. What is our house? Our body, our house, our city? And is our true identity concealed behind facades? In her paintings, Beks attempts to translate personal experiences into colour areas and lines. Emotions are transformed into pictures, forms and spheres. The direction is clear, but the conclusion is always new and surprising.

She uses oil paint and lacquer on linen or oil paint alternated with grease chalk on board. This method of working gives her work a unique character. Her use of colour is very intense. Chance is allowed to play a role in her work and this favours their spontaneity. Like many painters before her, Gerdi Beks refers to the power and effect of children’s drawings and attempts to achieve their simplicity and purity.